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Windows 2000 Services

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Some Common Computer Acronyms


OS - Operating system. Examples: Microsoft Windows Server 2003; Microsoft Windows Server 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Cisco IOS, Linux, DOS.


GUI - Graphical User Interface.  This interface uses icons and visual relationships to interact with the operating system. Windows uses a GUI, if you wanted to load a document you would just click on the document icon rather than type the documents name.


CLI - Command line interface, available on most operating systems but utilised most on network operating systems, the CLI is used to enter commands by typing rather than clicking as is done with a GUI.

Stands for World Wide Web. A very popular Internet service that organizes information using a hypertext and hypermedia system of linking documents, FTP sites, gopher sites, WAIS, and telnet.

FTP - The File Transfer Protocol is an application program which moves files between computers connected to the Internet independent of machine type or operating systems.



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