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These standards are level-free, but the minimum baseline qualification for all three stages, based on these standards, will be level H1, National Qualification Framework level 4.








FENTO standards for teacher training qualifications for Further Education in England The table lists the skills to be demonstrated at each of the 3 stages of the qualification. They are taken from the key areas:-

A – Assessing Learners Needs
B – Planning and Preparing teaching and learning programmes for groups and individuals
C – Developing and using a range of teaching and learning techniques
D – Managing the learning process
E – Providing learners with support
F – Assessing the outcomes of learning and learners achievement
G – Reflecting upon and evaluating one’s own performance and planning future practice
H – Meeting professional requirement

This analysis of the skills initial teachers should be able to demonstrate at different stages in their programme, although a guide, offers a simplistic picture. This is because each of the skills demonstrated at more than one stage will be demonstrated with increased sophistication in relation to breadth and depth. Hence the programme is not about ‘can do’ but how well the work can be done on a continuum from novice to expert. This table does not take account of the values nor the personal skills and attributes that also underpin recommended programmes.


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