CISCO Courses

The Cisco Networking Academy Program utilizes a blended learning model, integrating face-to-face teaching with a challenging web-based curriculum, hands-on lab exercises, and Internet-based assessment. Academy graduates are prepared for networking and IT-related careers in the public and private sectors, as well as for higher education in engineering, computer science and related fields.








CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

The CCNA certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate) indicates a foundation in and apprentice knowledge of networking. CCNA certified professionals can install, configure, and operate LAN, WAN, and dial access services for small networks (100 nodes or fewer), including but not limited to use of these protocols: IP, IGRP, Serial, Frame Relay, IP RIP, VLANs, RIP, Ethernet, Access Lists.


 CISCO IT Essentials Part 1 (PC Hardware & Software)

IT Essentials 1 presents an in-depth exposure to computer hardware and operating systems. Students learn the functionality of hardware and software components as well as suggested best practices in maintenance and safety issues. Through hands-on activities and labs, students learn how to: Assemble and configure a computer / Install software and operating systems Troubleshoot hardware and software problems. The course also includes a basic introduction to computer networks.

CISCO IT Essentials Part 2 (Network Operating Systems)

IT Essentials 2 is an intensive introduction to multi-user, multi-tasking network operating systems. Characteristics of the Linux, Windows 2000/2003, NT, and XP network operating systems will be discussed. Students will explore a variety of topics including installation procedures, security issues, back up procedures and remote access. The course includes hands on labs, lectures and class projects.

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