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Whether your looking for help with a hardware or software problem or just want to learn how to use your computer and the Internet you found the right place.

Here you will find advice and resources for beginners, if you have a problem we may have the solution.


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Building a Computer System

Building a computer is a time-consuming task, requiring extensive research, purchasing and configuration. First of all, you've got to know exactly what components you need then you must find the best prices, order the parts from one or more vendors, and put all the pieces together. It may seem easier to purchase a ready built pc from one of the big retailers but by building your own you may end up with a system that better fits your needs and you'll get lots of hands-on experience.

The act of assembling a PC isn't that hard if you are handy with a screwdriver. Decent motherboards come with documentation describing how and where to plug your components in. Anyone could put a PC together.

It may be easy to assemble a computer but that's only half of the battle. The biggest problems will occur when you try to power up your system and find that you didn't plug something in properly. After that, you must wrestle some more as you try to configure your operating system to recognize all of your components and work properly with them. Operating systems often don't contain all of the newest drivers, and won't recognize all of your peripherals properly. You may also spend a lot of time trying to make your system work. Don't be discouraged, though -- you will find the knowledge you gain very practical.




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