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Pages for Beginners

We have guides, examples and links to resources that are designed to help people with little technical knowledge. If you have a problem with your computer click the beginner link at the top of the page and you may find something of use.



Teacher Training

If you are interested in teacher training you can download example documents including assignments and reflective journals, just click the City & Guilds link at the top of the page.



Microsoft Courses

Click the Microsoft link at the top of the page and you will find documents and advice on a whole range of subjects such as DNS, DHCP, RIS and much more.


Cisco Courses

If you are interested in the CISCO qualifications - especially CCNA, IT Essentials 1 and 2 then you will find help and advice, documents and more by clicking the Cisco link at the top of the page.













One of the first thing that people think of when the word technology is used is computers and even though computers exist all around us in electrical goods, cars, keys and much more the most common interpretation for the word technology is 'Personal Computer'.

A PC (personal computer) is made up of many parts, memory, hard drive, motherboard, microprocessor, video card, case etc.  The initial role of the PC was as a business tool running business applications, these included word processors, spreadsheets and databases but times have changed and so has technology which has become cheaper and more powerful enabling Personal computers to branch into every aspect of day to day life.  Personal computers are now used as communications tools, entertainment systems, development tools and much more.


Resources and Information for people who want to learn

Free access to information and resources for Cisco, Microsoft, City & Guilds and Network Operating Systems.

This site also contains technical computer tutorials that beginners or experts will find useful.

If you need help with a course or your are just plain curious about computers and technology then take a look at this site and you may find what you are looking for.

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